The Ultimate guide to Megapolis

 The Social Quantum recently launched a popular mobile game Megapolis. In the strategy games it is one of the best games. If your dream is own world then you should try to this game. So many types of buildings are available which make the game so accessible. Via the buildings, parks, factories, railway station, the airport you make the city unique. The quests and missions play an important role in make game interesting and enjoyable. It is also called the best simulation game because of its 700 types of different buildings. In the android devices must require 4.4 and up version for play the game. It is available on IOS device as well as Android device. In the whole world, it is downloading by 10,000,000+ people on Android devices.

  1. Megabucks-

The megabucks are the important part of the game. We also say that a currencies type of game. In the megabucks, many items are available at the gift, but it depends on your luck which will you receive. In the game very hard to earn mega bucks but many essential ways are available to earn free megabucks with Megapolis Cheats. It means via some ways you will gain the megabucks.

The first one way is level up. When level up in the game then you will receive the megabucks automatically. The second one is achievements. It is also the best way to earn free megabucks. When you receive an achievement, then you will receive the megabucks.

  1. Daily Gifs-

The regular gifts feature is also available in the game. As per this feature, you will receive some extra rewards. When you log in on a daily basis then you will obtain some additional rewards as the daily gift. So it is the best way to earn free currencies.